All About Alignment

cowEveryone wants a better experience of life.

It’s the driving force behind all our aspirations and actions, and it feels like it should be easy. But we’ve been taught that getting what you want requires sacrifice, struggle, patience and a hard nosed competitive streak, and even then we might not get what we want so we should probably temper our expectations.

So we try to squeeze our inherent amazingness into a desirable package, we look outside ourselves for approval, for validation, for recognition, wondering whether it will happen for us, whether we deserve it, like success is out of our hands. Somewhere there’s a voice saying WTF? Is this really how it is?

That voice is your inner awesome and All About Alignment is your invitation to meet the best friend you’ll ever have.

I spent years in my corporate life watching super talented lovely people unconsciously mastermind their own career and life paralysis because they were completely at the mercy of unhelpful beliefs and shitty thinking. And I’ve seen equal numbers of people with mediocre talent do amazingly well because they never doubted their own awesome.

Across all the people I’ve met since opening The Cowork Collective the trend remains the same. Success in life and business is a game of alignment and belief, nothing else. So isn’t it about time you got a handle on that?

All About Alignment Intensive:

We start the day by exploring how life works.

We’re all energy right, the earth isn’t flat anymore, so it’s time to wake up and smell the opportunity to take a grounded, pragmatic, working with the laws of the universe approach to life and living.

We’ll work together to identify what you really really want from your life, expose the shitty thinking that’s holding you back and create a new set of beliefs to support and sustain you.

Most importantly you’ll get connected with your inner awesome and learn to vibe high consistently to match the vibration of the life you wish to invite in.

Alignment is the gateway to whatever you want.

Our all day intensive is designed to help you align your thoughts, feelings and actions so your experience of life in the moment gets better and better, and the life you want to lives becomes your reality with ease and effortlessness.

To Book

What’s included:

An intimate day filled with discussion, activities, fun, experimentation and your personal copy of the All About Alignment playbook.

Morning and afternoon tea – BYO lunch

BONUS: Invitation to our brand spanking new Facebook group for a month long high vibing challenge to keep you in tune and in flow.

Only 12 spots available

$275.00  10am-4pm Sunday 25th September

at The Cowork Collective 421 Lygon St Brunswick East (Bec’s studio)