2017 Brunswick Studio Walk

We are delighted to invite you the 2017 Brunswick Studio Walk – a self-directed event where you can stroll at your own pace across 16 creative locations in Brunswick. This year’s line up is bigger and better and we’re excited to have you along.

When is it?
Saturday February 25, 12-5pm

Where is it?
Various locations between Jewell and Moreland Stations, situated near the Upfield bike path.

Download a PDF here
Google Maps link
Hard copies of the map will be available from each location on the day

Who is involved?
17 visual art/design studios, galleries and other visual art points of interest. This year’s line up includes:

  • Counihan Gallery
  • Blackdot Gallery
  • Siteworks
  • Toast Workroom
  • 23a Leslie St
  • Squishface Studio
  • SOMA Artspace
  • Beinart Gallery
  • Perucci & Plein Air Studios
  • SOCA
  • Studio Brunswick & Co.
  • Tinning St Presents
  • Hound & Bone Fine Art Printers
  • 33 Tinning St Studio
  • Thinkers and Makers Society
  • Studio 11

How do you get there?
Tram: No. 19 from the City and get off at stop 21, or 28.
Train: Upfield line from the City to any stop from Jewell to Moreland stations. Please note the nearest BSW location to Jewell Station is a 10 minute walk.

With this year’s area being so much larger we recommend biking, skateboarding, or taking the tram to ensure you see them all!